• Custom Slipcovers are created from your furniture with the fabric you choose. The slipcover will be fitted perfectly to your furniture's frame, and each individual cushion will have its own, separate cover as well. A custom slipcover for a chair starts at $275.00 and a slipcover for a sofa starts at $375.00 (fabric costs are separate since fabric must be purchased separately).

  • Custom, coordinating pillows can be made to match or compliment your new slipcover look. These can be made of the same fabric as your slipcover, or choose a complimentary fabric.

The Process

1.Pick your fabric from your local fabric store or decorator. If you are not sure where to go, Mr. Majoros can suggest a local fabric retailer and can help you determine the correct amount of fabric necessary to create your slipcover.

2.Mr Majoros will come to your home to measure and create a pattern for your slipcover directly from your piece of furniture. Your furniture does not need to leave your home during the entire process.

3.Allow 3 to 4 weeks for your new slipcover to be sewn. When your slipcover is complete, Mr. Majoros will come to your home to place it on your furniture, checking for fit and quality.


  • Do you sell fabric? No, you must purchase your fabric from a retailer or decorator.

  • Do you do upholstery, bed covers, or curtains? No, George Majoros only creates custom slipcovers.

  • How much fabric should I buy? The amount of fabric you will need depends on the size of your furniture and how many cushions it has. An average one cushion chair takes 8 to 9 yards. An average 2 cushion sofa takes 16 to 18 yd's. Add 1 to 2 yd's. per cushion for larger furniture.

  • How much will my new slipcover cost to make? A chair slipcover starts at $225.00 and a sofa slipcover starts a $325.00. The exact cost will depend on the size of the furniture and the number of cushions it has.

  • Can I wash my slipcover in my washing machine or must it be dry cleaned? It is always best to have your custom slipcover professionally dry cleaned.


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